This site contains a front end to the Dominion game logs hosted on the wonderful Isotropic Dominion server. The code backing this website is open source and available at the Dominion Stats github page.

Hosted by Mike McCallister (

Written by rrenaud ( (BGG profile) and Larry, and rspeer (, and hawaiian shirts (David Lu!!), and tlstyer (Tim Styer), and Mike McCallister . Graphic design by NemoRathwald/Matt Arnold (mat_REMOVE_t.ma_THIS_tta_FOR_rn@_SPAM_gma_PROTECTION,_il.c_HUMANS!_om) (BGG profile).

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game search page
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supply based card stats
best and worst openings
optimal card ratios
goal statistics
card groupings (new!)


The forum for this site and for Dominion Strategy can be found here.


I'd love to see users rating existing ideas and making new suggestions on the uservoice page.


I'd also be very happy to have outside contributions to the project.

I am in the process of making all of the statistics have easy access via both Javascript APIs and raw CSV data dumps. If there is some data that you'd like to either build a better frontend for or do some spreedsheet/statistical based analysis of, let me know and I'll try to make it easy for you.

Some of the highest rated ideas can be implemented without having to learn all that much of the code.


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